LloydPans Kitchenware Half Sheet Pan


LloydPans Kitchenware Half Sheet Pan


Half-Sheet Pan 18 inch by 13 inch.

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Half-Sheet Pan 18 inch by 13 inch. Manufactured in the USA from heavy gauge aluminum, these professional baking pans (sheet pans) are a staple for every baker. Reinforced with a heavy all aluminum wire in the rim, these sheet pans will never rust, flake, chip, or peel. Our exclusive Dura-Kote coating minimizes cleanup, often eliminates parchment paper or sprays, and improves your baking times. The coating is non-toxic, manufactured without PFOA, is PTFE and has no petrochemicals.

Commercial Quality Bakeware

VG3Baking delicate cakes and sweet foods requires a light colored pan that provides an even bake without over-browning.

With exceptional durability and performance, our unique Silver-Kote® permanent release coating will not affect the taste or color of foods (like bare aluminum does) and it reduces the need for excessive oiling and parchment paper. These non-toxic pans will never rust, flake or chip and are easy to clean. Oven safe to 700°F.

Durable Silver-Kote finish with permanent release coating; Reduce Release Aids and Parchment Paper – The easy release surface requires minimal oiling and often eliminates the need for parchment paper; Steam-Proof Finish – There is no degradation of the finish from moisture so depanning is not an issue. Safe to soak in water for cleaning; Non-Reactive Neutral, non-toxic finish does not discolor products containing eggs, like cheesecake. Water based release finish is PTFE and PFOA free; No Peeling, Flaking or Chipping The release layer is infused into the surface of the pan to create a long lasting, durable finish.

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