The Most Beautiful Water Bottles!

An elegant collection by Gallery Drinkware of artistic, reusable water bottles to be collected, displayed, used in the home setting, and given as unique gifts.  Get 15% Off this week during our Labor Day Sale!  Shop Now

Featuring artwork from the three biggest names in ocean art and the museum of the most famous painter in the world to raise awareness to the rapidly growing problem of the use of plastic water bottles in American homes. With official licensees of Wyland, Guy Harvey, Drew Brophy and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, these bottles are an artistic and creative solution to this growing crisis.

Decorated with 22 karat gold, these beautiful bottles showcase amazing art THROUGH water. Functional and beautiful, our bottles are gentle reminders that our natural world is worth saving.

Every bottle is limited edition. Once the bottle is sold out, it’s gone forever. Make sure you get yours today so you don’t lose the chance at making your Gallery Drinkware bottle collection complete!