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Check out our Artisans!  We feature items from around the world and the US.

  • Caribbean Craft – Haitian Metal Art – Colorful Geckos, Turtles & Frogs
  • Croix des Bouquets – Haitian Metal Art – Metal Wall Art made from steel drums featuring Animals, Suns & Moons, Quotes, Trees, Nature and Much More
  • Encantada – Mexican Pottery – Colorful Plates, Bowls & Serveware
  • David Rasmussen Design – Handcrafted in the USA – Consoles, Wine Glasses, Cutting Boards, Plates & Serveware all made from wood with a touch of color
  • Esperanza en Accion – Nicaraguan Pottery – Vases with beautiful imagery representing the floral and fauna of Nicaragua
  • Esther Kariuki – Kenyan Banana Fiber Products – Banana Fiber is used to make napkin rings, boxes & mobiles
  • Frontier Ironworks – Handcrafted in the USA  – Iron and Wood Lighting using Rawhide and Mica for Shades.
  • Ilala Weavers – Zulu Baskets – Baskets are hand-woven and one-of-a-kind, each basket taking up to six months to make
  • Innit Designs – Handcrafted in the USA – Outdoor Furniture made with a steel base and woven vinyl in a variety of colors
  • Jamtown World Instruments – Handcrafted in Countries all over the World – Beautiful instruments that can be played or used as home decor
  • Jedando Handicrafts – Handcarved Wood & Bone – Tableware, Home Décor & Masks
  • Kahero – Handcarved Olive Wood Salt Pots
  • Matr Boomie – Carved Wood & Bone Picture Frames & Boxes
  • Orange 22 – Made to Order Furniture – Benches, Tables, Stools & Desks
  • SMOLart – Kenyan Soapstone Art – Sculptures representing family, animals, chess pieces & nativity
  • Tili Glass – Chilean Recycled Glass – Ring Trays & Small Glass Dishes